Monday, April 26, 2010

Learning Fast

Training here in Sweden had been going well. With the first competitions at Kolmårdenskavlen now passed last weekend. The time has gone quickly with some high quality training. But the highlight of the trip Tiomila, is coming up this weekend.

The first weekend of competition at Kolmårdensdubblen was quite successful. My first race in Sweden for 18 months was the middle distance on Saturday and I was really looking forward to getting into the forest. I was happy with my race and felt strong over the 5.5km, missing 25 sec on one short leg and some wobbly routes. I ended up in 3rd place over 1 minute behind the winner, Swedish national team runner Mattias Millinger. The gap was large, but the result was encouraging. The prize for 3rd was a Swedish axe...strange, I don't think that will be coming home.

On Sunday it was the 5 man relay Kolmårdskavlen. Malungs OK, had a strong team and I went out 4th of 5 legs, with David Andersson on the last leg. Erik Rost put me out in 6th place 4 minutes behind the leaders OK Linne. I was not very happy with my race, with some mistakes throughout. But I managed to gain some time on the leading team sending out Daid in 5th place online 1.20min behind. David ran strongly on the last leg to bring us into 2nd position only 40 seconds from the victory. So the team and the club were quite happy with the result.
This showed some good signs for Tiomila in two weeks time.

After recovering from the weekend of racing the week has been full of some high quality orienteering training. Based in Falun close to clubmates in Malungs OK and staying with Swedish national team runner and Malungs OK clubmate David Andersson and his partner Lina Eliasson, the training opportunities have been endless.

The quality of orienteering technique training is quite intense but very beneficial for the World Championships in August. With new ideas for training and racing leading up to the World Championships in Trondheim, coming out of a good week of training.

However on Friday a small hiccup hampered my program for the weekend. With what seemed like an insignificant fall in the forest turning into 4 stitches and a swollen knee. This meant that there was no training or competition at Stigtomtakavlen on Saturday and Sunday. But the knee is recovering fast and I'm looking forward to resuming the training on Monday leading into the next races, with the Eliteseries sprint on Friday and the big one, Tiomila on Saturday night.

Malungs OK, has announced our team for Tiomila, and with everyone fit and healthy its exciting to be part of it.

Malungs OK - Tiomila Team

1) Anders Åkerman 9,1 km
2) Martin Hammarberg 12,2 km
3) Erik Rost 16,8 km
4) Lars Åkerman 8,8 km
5) Thomas Carlsson 12,2 km
6) Johan Lindberg 6,1 km
7) Jimmy Birklin 5,8 km
8) Julian Dent 11,2 km
9) William Lind 11,2 km
10) David Andersson 17,0/12,0 km

You'll be able to watch all the action from next weekend here with live Web TV available for $10.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WOC 2010 Preparation Heating Up

The Australian orienteering team preparations for the World Orienteering Championships (WOC) 2010 is heating up just like the weather in Scandinavia. The snow is melting fast after a long and cold winter, unveiling this years battlegrounds for the WOC medals. The focus this year will be solely on Scandinavian terrain as the World Championships return to orienteering's traditional home of Scandinavia, in Trondheim Norway in August.

After racing the first National League races in Australia, I (Julian Dent) have headed over to Sweden to train and prepare for WOC in Scandinavian terrain. Over the next three weeks I'll be training and competing with Malung Orienteering Club, who have been long supporters of Australian orienteers. Beginning with Grant Bluett and Rob Walter and more recently Simon Uppill and myself, they provide great opportunities and support for training in Scandinavian terrain. The competition and training program over the next three weeks involves:

15/16 April: Training Camp

17 April: Kolmårds Middle Distance
18 April: Kolmårdskaveln

24/25 April: Stigtomtakaveln

30 April: Swedish Eliteseries Sprint Distance

1/2 May - Tiomila Relay

You'll be able to follow progress here and on my Attackpoint blog.