Friday, July 31, 2015

The Dawn of WOC 2015: The Sprint Qualification

Today we preview our six runners competing in the sprint qualifier, which is tomorrow! The first starts are at 6pm (UK time, GMT+1), and the start lists are available here ( Keeping track online is easy this week as well, the woc2015 home page ( has plenty of info, just click on the respective race to get the available start lists, live results and live broadcasts/gps tracking, although broadcast tracking incurs a fee (bought here if you intend to watch several races, pay through the IOF live centre for the best deal.

The Aussies competing are:
Krystal Neumann: 18:11
Rachel Effeney: 18:22
Hanny Allston: 18:28

Ian Lawford: 19:05
Brodie Nankervis: 19:27
Bryan Keely: 19:28

If you're back home, this is really early Saturday morning (add 9 hours to convert to Australian Eastern Standard time)
The qualifier also allows us to introduce three of our runners on debut, which are Brodie, Ian and Krystal. The three runners certainly seem a lot calmer than I remember being at my first WOC!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Beginning

G'day everyone, and welcome to the first blog entry for this years world orienteering championships, in rainy Inverness, Scotland! While the sun has not shown its face for more than a few minutes this week, the Australian team is full of smiling faces, as we begin to arrive in Inverness. Competitors, managers and coaches are arriving one by one, as they travel from Sweden, Norway, France, Australia and Italy, while some of our supporters arrive too (one supporter is walking the 120-odd kilometres from Fort William to Inverness - go mum!).

To start with, its time for a quick little overview of our week so far. On Monday, most of the team had assembled in Inverness so in true athlete fashion we spent a lot of money on food at Tesco! In the evening the team took part in a sprint test race run by a Scottish orienteering club. The race was a fantastic way to prepare for the coming Sprint races and there was even a Quarantine.

On Tuesday the team headed out for two forest sessions, one in long terrain and one in middle terrain. Although it was a very wet day, the terrain was beautiful and at least there seemed to be less ticks! For a sneak peak of the middle training map check out @auswoc on Instagram (link below). Following this the team headed out to loch ness for some touristing, which would have not been a true Scottish experience without a taste of some Haggis and a trial of some "traditional" Scottish clothing.

Tuesday was a special day for another reason, Simon became one year older (rumour has it he is now 40). Unfortunately Simon's cake went missing and he had to settle for apple crumble for dessert!

Today  half the team headed out to a sprint map on the coast while the others headed back into the forest for some more middle training. Big thanks to Icebug who have been helping us keep out feet in the slippery Scottish terrain. The rest of the day was spent traversing the Scottish coast, checking out the Sprint areas for the following days.

The first race this year is the sprint qualification, on Friday (July 31st). From Friday, the program is:

Friday 31st: sprint qualification

Saturday Aug 1: sprint relay

Sunday Aug 2: sprint final

Monday 3rd: rest

Tue 4th: middle distance (final)

Wed 5th: relay (forest)

Thur: rest

Friday: long distance (final)

Following the Aussie WOC team is easy this year, and we are expanding our social media outreach with the debut of our social media gurus Ian and Brodie. You can keep up to date through following our blog as well as Orienteering Australia on Facebook, following @OrienteeringAUS on Twitter, and now on Instagram @auswoc as well. Hopefully that's enough websites to get you up close and personal with our team!