Friday, July 20, 2012

Long final!

Today was the long distance final at grand jurat, north of lausanne. It was a very fast, technical course and both Aislinn and Julian ran very well to place a very respectable 35th and 30th. After we had a supporters afternoon tea for all the Australians who came to watch woc.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Middle Qual and final

Hello everyone. Sorry for the long delay in posts. Yesterday we had the middle final up in the beautiful mountains north west of Lausanne. Vanessa was the only aussie to qual for the finals after the girls came a bit stuck with navigational errors and Murray sprained his ankle. Vanessa ran solidly but made a few errors. She was happy with her run but believes she can do much better in placings. We all think she ran amazingly! Tomorrow we have the long final with Aislinn and Julz running. Go Australia!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sprint and Long qual days

So yesterday we had the sprint qual and sprint final. Unfortunatley none of the girls made it through but we were super excited when BJ and Julz qualified. The final in the afternoon was super exciting and both our boys did well. The coverage was amazing and the small drone helicopter camera was awesome.
Today we had the Long qual. It seemed to be quite fast with less green then the modle maps. Julz and Aislinn made it through to the final which is really impressive! Rachel and Vanessa only just missed out.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Hello everyone again. Tomorrow is the big day of the sprint qual and sprint final. We have Rachel, Susanne, Bridget, BJ, Julian and Simon running. Today we have been relaxing and running around the sprint model event. Here are some pictures of our accomodation at the yha and of the sprint model.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

More team profiles

 Place of Birth: Glenelg, sa
 Hometown: Darwin Nicknames: Sus
 Attackpoint name: SusC
Coke or Pepsi? Yuck
 Drive or Ride? Ride
Nike or Asics? Asics
 Mountains or Beach? Mountqins
 Coffee or Tea? Coffee
Toast or Cereal? Toast
 Abbott or Gillard? Omg
Public or Private? Home school
City or Country? Country
Sprint or Long? Long
 Long Run or Intervals? intervals

 Place of Birth: Montacute, sa
 Hometown: Adelaide
 Nicknames: Ness,V
 Attackpoint name: 007
Coke or Pepsi? Grapejuice
Drive or Ride? Ride
 Nike or Asics? Barefeet
 Mountains or Beach? swiss mountains
 Coffee or Tea? Tea
 Toast or Cereal? Toast
 Abbott or Gillard? Trying to ignore both
 Public or Private? Public
 City or Country? Country HILLS
 Sprint or Long? Middle
 Long Run or Intervals? Long run

Bridget Place of Birth: Adelaide
 Hometown: Adelaide
 Nicknames: Biddy, chops, stumps, Bridgeydidge
 Attackpoint name: Biddy
Coke or Pepsi? Coke
Drive or Ride? Drive
Nike or Asics? Nike
 Mountains or Beach? Mountains
Coffee or Tea? Coffee
 Toast or Cereal? Cereal
Abbott or Gillard? Gillard
 Public or Private? Public
 City or Country? Country
 Sprint or Long? Sprint
 Long Run or Intervals? Intervals

Team profiles

 Place of Birth: Ballarat
 Hometown: Ballarat
 Nicknames: Ais
 Attackpoint name: kido
 Coke or Pepsi? Coke Zero!
 Drive or Ride? Ride. Unless the hills are really big.
 Nike or Asics? Asics
 Mountains or Beach? A little of both!
 Coffee or Tea? Hot Chocolate
 Toast or Cereal? Cereal
 Abbott or Gillard? Ugh! Neither!
 Public or Private? Private
 City or Country? Country
 Sprint or Long? Long
 Long Run or Intervals? Long run, but only if it's somewhere nice.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

All you need to know...for AUS WOC 2012

With WOC 2012 fast approaching it is time to give all our fans (you) a run-down of the week ahead. All the information you need to follow the Australian team at WOC 2012.

First of all who is running the show for the Australian team this year...our dedicated and hard working coaches are Wendy Read and Tom Quayle. Read on to find out their intimate secrets..

Wendy in action

Wendy Read
Place of Birth: Brisbane
Hometown: Brisbane (geez I get around)
Nicknames: Weed / Weedy
Attack point name: pipsqueak – after a particular brand of cider

Coke or Pepsi? Coke
Drive or Ride? Ride
Nike or Asics? Asics
Mountains or Beach? Beach
Coffee or Tea? Tea
Toast or Cereal? Cereal
Abbott or Gillard? Gillard
Public or Private? Private
City or Country? City
Sprint or Long? Long
Long Run or Intervals? Intervals are long runs these days!

TQ back in the day, as he says...
Tom Quayle

Place of Birth: Canberra
Hometown: Örnsköldsvik
Nicknames: TQ
Attackpoint name: TommyQ

Coke or Pepsi? Coke
Drive or Ride? Ride
Nike or Asics? Nike
Mountains or Beach? Australia - Beach, Sweden - Mountains
Coffee or Tea? Coffee morning, tea evening
Toast or Cereal? Cereal
Abbott or Gillard? Gillard - go the carbon tax!
Public or Private? Public!
City or Country? Country
Sprint or Long? They go hand in hand, good at long = good at sprint. Nothing more satisfying than a good result in a long race though.
Long Run or Intervals? These days don't do either but back in the day I loved my long runs and feared my intervals.

What to expect in the coming days...

Thursday 12 July - Model events and accreditation
The team will move into our WOC accommodation at Lausanne youth hostel and return to civilisation with internet access. Today will be spent on reconnaissance in the Sprint Qual area before it is embargoed at 18.00 and some final touch-up training sessions around the Middle and Long model maps.

Friday 13 July - Model Events

Another relaxed preparation day with the sprint runners checking out the Sprint model in the afternoon just across the road from our hostel in Lausanne-Vidy. Start lists for sprint qualification will be published around 3am AEST Saturday.

Saturday 14 July - Sprint Qualification and Final

Women: Rachel Effeney, Bridget Anderson, Susanne Casanova
Men: David Brickhill-Jones, Julian Dent, Simon Uppill

Women start from: 09:00 (17.00AEST) 3.4km 10m climb
Men start from: 10:00 (18:00 AEST) 4.0km 10m climb

A complex university campus for the qualification will provide flat fast running but could also through up some surprise complexity amongst the buildings.
Google Earth of the sprint qual..
This wavey funky building is in the embargoed area...

Top 15 in each heat through to final.

Sprint Final

Women start from: 16:01 (00:01AEST) 3.0km 60m climb
Men start from: 17:11 (01:11 AEST) 4.2km 80m climb

Arena placed on Lake Geneva and the competition taking place in the sloping city streets of Lausanne. Expect some park orienteering, maybe through the Olympic Museum, typical European city streets and some complex buildings with underpasses.

Sunday 15 July - Long Qualification 

Women: Rachel Effeney, Vanessa Round, Aislinn Prendergast
Men: Julian Dent

Women start from: 13:02 (21:02EST) 8.3km 160m climb
Men start from: 13:01 (21:01 AEST) 12.2km 280m climb

Swiss middle-land terrain. Very flat (for Switzerland) typical track network and lots of forested green areas. Track routes and vague controls will be the order of the day.

Long Qual old map

Top 15 in each heat through to final. 

Monday 16 July - Middle Qualification

Women: Vanessa Round, Susanne Casanova, Aislinn PrendergastMen: Murray Scown, Simon Uppill

Women start from: 13:01 (21.01 AEST) 4.2km 130m climb
Men start from: 14:01 (22:01 AEST) 4.9km 170m climb

Run on the slopes of the Jura mountain range at around 1000m, expect some vague controls and downhill courses. Contour shapes similar to back down under!

Middle Qual - old map

Top 15 in each heat through to final.

Tuesday 17 July - Middle Final

Women start from: 12:01 (20.01AEST) 5.5km 170m climb
Men start from: 13:41 (21:41 AEST) 6.5km 240m climb

Run on the plateau of the Jura mountain range at around 1200m, tough going underfoot with limited visibility and some contour detail.

Across the road from the Middle Final

Wednesday 18 July - Rest day

 Recovery swim in Lake Geneva will be on the cards.

Thursday 19 July - Long Final

Women start from: 11:31 (19.31AEST) 12.4km 370m climb
Men start from: 12:02 (20:02 AEST) 18.3km 450m climb

Large forest on the outskirts of Lausanne. A complex track network and vegetation which varies from head high nettles to fast running forest. Expect fast running track routes and vague controls to be decisive.

Long Final and Relay old map jigsaw

Friday 20 July - Rest day

Another recovery swim in Lake Geneva and team meeting for the Relays.

Saturday 21 July - Relay

Women: Vanessa Round, Rachel Effeney, Aislinn Prendergast
Men: David Brickhill-Jones, Julian Dent, Simon Uppill

Women start from: 11:30 (19.30AEST) 5.9km 140m climb
Men start from: 13:30 (21:30 AEST) 6.9km 180m climb

Same forest and arena as the Long Final. It will be a fast and close relay!

We hope you enjoy the action back home and are able to fill in all those quiet hours watching Le Tour with live results and hopefully some live video and GPS from the WOC 2012 webpage.

Support messages for all the team can be sent via the comments section on this blog.

Hello everyone again. Sorry we havn't been posting much we are having difficulty getting internet in the middle of the country. We have just been training, sleeping, eating and preparing for our races strating on saturday with the sprint. Here are some more photos of our accomodation in Dizy and training. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

pictures of Lausanne and below of the view from our accomodation in Dizy

The Australian team has arrived to Switzerland!

Hello everyone! most of the team has arrived at our training camp in the very small town of Dizy, outside of Lausanne. Our accommodation is very laid back and we are enjoying the country atmosphere. So far we have been out to 3 different maps consisting of long training, middle training and sprint training in the city centre. We will be adding team profiles throughout the week so you can get to know our amazing team alot better!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tips for making the most of your Easter Experience- from Boomerangs coach Wendy Read

Tips for making the most of your Easter Experience – from a few of the locals…

After many years of drought, SEQ has now had two very wet summers, and plenty of rain in the seasons in between.  We have only just had a hint of autumn in the last few days when the humidity has dropped below intensely sticky and there has been a sense of freshness in the air – but you have to be up early to notice.  Hence vegetation is lush, creek lines actually contain water (sometimes even flowing), and wildlife/ insect life is abundant. Your week of orienteering in SE Queensland will guarantee you 3 things for sure:
A great variety of terrain – from complex, granite rock detail to deeply,  eroded creek systems
 Lantana  and
Don’t be put off though – there are plenty of ways to successfully navigate your way through the carnival.
Let’s deal first with the events located in and around Stanthorpe where granite boulders dominate the landscape.  (Prologue, Day 1 & Day 3) Although patches of very complex rock will require intense concentration, much of the terrain is pleasant running forest, with hill sides of moderate rock detail. Being able to ‘look through’ the scattering of black dots and read the contours can help simplify the navigation.  Use the large, obvious features in the rock or other distinctive features for attack points. Sometimes areas of ‘nothing’ are a useful feature to use. Also look for the handrails, like creeks, ridgelines or bands of rock, that show the ‘lines’ through the complexity.  It’s worthwhile checking that you know the difference between what is a boulder, a mound, rocky ground and boulder cluster, both on the legend on your control descriptions.

The event at Shanty Gully (west of Warwick) provides a great contrast to the granite rock areas.  Apparently it is fairly featureless and steep. There are small areas of erosion and old, gold mining but not highly technical like the Victorian gold fields. Route choice and careful, speedy execution of it will be the key.

The events following the Easter Carnival also provide good variety:
Cascades – an iconic granite map, its reputation precedes it – enter at your peril! Not really – it’s one of those great challenging maps where you’ll need all your navigational tools working for you.  Map contact, map contact, map contact!
Hardings Paddock – an area typical of outer Brisbane, our orienteering bread and butter.  Hilly, well vegetated, some interesting rocky sections, but you’ll enjoy the experience a whole lot more if you wear full body protection and avoid the lantana. (More about lantana later)
QUT (Kelvin Grove Campus) & UQ (St Lucia Campus) – classic, university style, sprint maps and courses. If you’re really serious, get onto NearMap & do your homework.

Collins Creek – a few notes from the course setter, Geoff Peck who has a favourite wisdom, “Contours are for navigating, vegetation is for route choice!”:  The terrain at Collins Ck is undulating spur-gully with some detailed erosion, and a LOT of lantana. Most of the lantana is in small patches which are quite 'passable' and have reasonable visibility (hence the use of green stripes), but it's not easy to keep 'straight'. As the terrain is quite 'vague' it's easy to get well off line, and difficult to relocate. The classic 'aiming off' works well in these areas. It is mostly fast running, but some denser areas of lantana need to be avoided; it's not a pleasant experience to get stuck in it! The fact that it's a looping race means that relay 'tactics' are important. Runners can get a considerable advantage by 'slipstreaming' as long as they are sure they are on the same split! (Is that split-streaming? – a new O term?)

Coach Read in action
Since it has featured a bit in these notes - a word about lantana (an invasive, woody  plant with a pretty, dainty flower).  Don’t try and run through solid clumps of it – you won’t win. When in areas where it is extensive, keep your head up, look for clearer sections and you can usually avoid the worst of it. If you do get into thicker sections, look for small animal paths (on ground level), put map in mouth and scurry through on hands and knees.

A final note about the local wildlife – especially spiders.  Golden orb spiders and their sticky webs are still prolific in some patches of forest.  Whilst the females are big and scary, the smaller males won’t present any problems. On a recent training weekend, Queensland Cyclones practised the following technique (the three Ds:
             1. Duck under the web – does require you to look ahead and not only at the map.
             2. Adopt the defensive position – arms and map in front of face to fend off spidery tangle.
Failing steps 1 & 2
3. De-web one’s body – running hands spread wide from chest, up neck, over face and through hair, flinging spider and web far away.
It’s a good tip to quickly check you still have some idea where you are going after such an encounter, as all the head and body shaking can be dis-orienteering. (Oh – also check you actually got rid of the sticky little sucker!)

On a positive note regarding wildlife, there are plenty of beautiful wallabies and kangaroos in the forest making the most of the good conditions and, families of wedge tail eagles have been seen frequently near some of the Stanthorpe maps.

Hopefully these tips will keep you navigating cleaning at all the events over Easter.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

Wendy Read,
Australian Boomerangs Coach and Queensland Cyclones team member.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Australian Rachel Effeney wins Sprint the Bay in New Zealand

A record number of competitors contested the Sprint the Bay orienteering series in Hawkes Bay New Zealand last weekend with Australians Rachel Effeney and Matthew Parton taking out 1st and 3rd respectively in the elite categories. The series took place over the Waitangi long weekend with 2 sprint races each day (6 in total) with the winners determined through cumulative time for the series.

Stage 1 was a mass start race that took place around a school, a cemetery and some parkland and would determine the pecking order for the weekend. The racing was fierce as it soon became apparent that some levels of ‘physicality’ were acceptable in getting to a punch first and those runners at the front of each field were able to put valuable seconds between themselves and those further down in the train by getting in early on the first few controls. Rachel Effeney was one of those to punch first early and in a sprint finish managed to shade Lizzie Ingham by 2 seconds to gain the yellow leaders singlet for the first race. In the elite men’s race Tim Robertson won on the line to get hold of the leaders jersey which he would hold until Stage 5. Bryan Keely was the best of the Australian men in the Stage placing 5th, 4 seconds behind the leaders with Hanny Allston scraping into the top 6 in the women’s elite race.
Winners of the various jerseys

Stages 2-4 were all urban sprints with reverse chasing starts (leaders starting last) and the competition through these races was super tight. Oscar McNulty scored 2 impressive stage victories at Napier Central in Stage 2 and Frimley in Stage 4 to move into second overall at this point, just 11 seconds behind Tim Robertson in the competition for the outright series lead. Stage 4 also saw the only Australian trifecta of the weekend with Matthew Parton and Lachlan Dow rounding out the top three which enabled them to move up into 6th and 7th overall, with Bryan Keely also running well into 5th place for the stage. Rachel Effeney was dominant through these races placing 1st in every one and with some big winning margins was able to take her lead to 1 minute 41 seconds by the end of Stage 4.
Bryan Keely gets air

Stage 5 was the only forest sprint of the series and as expected had a huge impact on the overall result. For the first time Rachel and Tim both lost their leaders jerseys dropping back to 2nd and 4th overall. Toby Scott won the elite men’s race by a massive 35 seconds to leapfrog from 5th into 1st overall and Angela Simpson moved from 2nd into 1st overall with her stage win. Of the Australians, Matthew Parton was fortunately placed in the start list to take advantage of Toby’s phenomenal run and after being caught 1 minute midway through the course managed to hold on for the 3rd fastest time of the day. Lachlan Dow’s 6th place enabled him to hold onto 6th overall.

Stage 6 took place on the Arataki map which comprised two schools separated by an oval with every course having two loops each with each loop running through both schools. To make more interesting head-to-head racing, starts were in pairs for this race with each competitor completing one loop first and their starting partner completing the other, before swapping. As a result of this Rachel Effeney and Angela Simpson were the last pair to start in the women’s race and since only 9 seconds separated them the winner of this race could well win the series. Rachel, who needed to catch the 9 seconds, had a good race and came into the finish chute a few seconds ahead and with a big crowd screaming it was clear it was going to be a nail-biter. Unfortunately, as the dust settled it became apparent that Angela had missed a control and so was marked as a miss-punch, although Rachel had done enough to take the lead away from her anyway. 
Aislinn Prendergast

The final standings for the elite women were: 1st Rachel Effeney, 2nd Lizzie Ingham, 3rd Kate Morrison. The men’s race was less wide open with big gaps separating the top 6 which meant that a mix-up in the results was unlikely based on Stage 6 racing. Despite this Matthew Parton appeared to do his best to cede his 3rd position and after starting the race with a 35 second buffer to Tim Robertson in 4th only held on by a meagre 6 seconds at the end of what he described as a sloppy race on tired legs. Lachlan Dow was the best placed of the Australian men on the stage in 5th which meant that he retained 6th place in a super competitive field. The overall results in the elite men’s division were: 1st Toby Scott, 2nd Tom Reynolds, 3rd Matthew Parton.
Women's podium- First Rachel Effeney (AUS, Queensland Cyclones), 2nd Lizzie Ingham, (NZ and Canberra Cockatoos), 3rd Kate Morrison (NZ)

Men's podium- 1st Toby Scott (NZ), 2nd Tom Reynolds (NZ), 3rd Matt Parton (AUS and NSW Stingers)
A great video teaser of what Sprint the bay is all about.

For full results and splits go to
(Aussies in Red)

Men's Elite (61)
1Toby Scott1:34:35
2Thomas Reynolds1:35:53
3Matthew Parton1:36:36
4Tim Robertson1:36:42
5Chris Forne1:37:00
6Lachlan Dow1:37:31
7Carsten Joergensen1:39:30
8Ian Lawford1:40:00
9Tane Cambridge1:40:23
10James Bradshaw1:40:41
11Bryan Keely1:40:58
12Oscar McNulty1:41:34
13Nick Hann1:41:45
14Beat Zimmermann1:42:16
15Bruce Arthur1:42:25
16Jourdan Harvey1:43:49
17Murray Scown1:44:26
18Eugene Campbell1:47:57
19Stefan Zingg1:48:56
20Alistair Richardson1:50:22
21Kasimir Gregory1:50:56
22Greg Flynn1:51:10
23Al Cory-Wright1:55:29
24Michael Smithson1:56:21
25Oliver Mitchell1:59:19
26David Hunhammar2:02:12
27Liam Paterson2:02:45
28Mathieu McGuire2:06:44
29Kieran Woods2:07:57
30Thomas Eatson2:11:46
31Luis Slyfield2:17:57
32Mikko Ruokolainen2:24:27
33Cairn Coghill2:25:19
34Bradley Ivory2:29:12
35Gergo Verhas2:29:29

Women's Elite (37)
1Rachel Effeney1:32:56
2Lizzie Ingham1:34:11
3Kate Morrison1:38:04
4Georgia Whitla1:38:26
5Laura Robertson1:40:06
6Hanny Allston1:41:34
7Aislinn Prendergast1:42:58
8Tessa Ramsden1:48:23
9Lisa Grant1:50:28
10Mace Neve1:50:43
11Cosette Saville1:52:19
12Belinda Lawford1:54:11
12Selena Metherell1:54:11
14Ilka Barr1:58:29
15Shannon Jones2:00:27
16Katelyn Effeney2:00:30
17Anna Gray2:02:15
18Renee Beveridge2:03:00
19Sara Bailey2:03:49
20Jula McMillan2:04:31
21Karin Geissbuehler2:05:21
22Heather Muir2:06:42
23Emily Cantwell2:11:05
24Katie Bolt2:11:31
25Sarah Gray2:13:11
26Miina Ruokolainen2:15:12
27Emily Dinsdale2:20:04
28Sarah Davidson2:31:40
29Katalla Kramer2:55:28

Thanks to Sprint the Bay organisers for the photos, and Matt Parton for words of wisdom

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Beechworth 2012 elite training camp

The first elite training camp for 2012 was held around Beechworth in Victoria last week. Sessions were attended by up to 18 people which was a great turn out. The Beechworth region is famous for gold-mining history, a bakery, and plenty of good orienteering terrains. The Christmas 5-days will be held around this region this year from December 27-31 and will be a great lead up for any international orienteers heading down-under  for the World Cup races in New Zealand.

Monday evening- Sprint training at Beechworth's Latrobe University Campus.
This was a rerun of the 2003 Australian Sprint Distance Championships (prior to IOSSM)

Tuesday morning- Kangaroo Crossing

Tuesday evening- Beechworth

4 x 1km intervals, run as a variety of chasing starts.

Wednesday morning- Barambogie North

Relay training with 6km course and some splitting. Really nice forest and some good competition.

Wednesday evening- easy cycle for some, running intervals for some, or getting two stitches in your leg puncture if your name is Bridget.

Thursday morning- Barambogie South

Tough session with 4x 1km courses. First leg was a brutal uphill leg to be run at max effort, followed by 6 or 7 downhill diagonal legs and a good break in between each course.

Thursday evening- Beechworth

Short 3km hagaby around the best parts of the local beechworth map.

Friday morning- Warby Ranges

Route choice exercise run in pairs.

Friday evening- Warby Ranges

Relay training exercise

Saturday morning- Rowdy Flat

Started with a map work over the first part of the men's Oceania Middle Distance course.

First course 2.4km, followed by 2.1km chasing start.

Bruce Arthur's GPS route

Saturday afternoon- for some a relaxing afternoon at the Dederang Picnic races, followed by a 1650m foot race around the track. Congrats to Jasmine Neve and Vanessa Round for placing 1st and 2nd in the women's, and Ratsky for 2nd place in the mens race.

It was a great start to 2012 for the squad, and finished off a tough two weeks a training for those who attended the National Altitude training camp at Falls Creek the prior week. The next event on the national squad list is the Sprint the Bay event in New Zealand which is also followed by a training camp.

Thanks to Jim Russell for his help with the camp, and to Albury Wodonga Orienteering Club and VOA for access to the orienteering maps. The Rowdy Flat and Kangaroo Crossing maps are now embargoed until the Victorian Championships later in 2012.