Friday, July 31, 2015

The Dawn of WOC 2015: The Sprint Qualification

Today we preview our six runners competing in the sprint qualifier, which is tomorrow! The first starts are at 6pm (UK time, GMT+1), and the start lists are available here ( Keeping track online is easy this week as well, the woc2015 home page ( has plenty of info, just click on the respective race to get the available start lists, live results and live broadcasts/gps tracking, although broadcast tracking incurs a fee (bought here if you intend to watch several races, pay through the IOF live centre for the best deal.

The Aussies competing are:
Krystal Neumann: 18:11
Rachel Effeney: 18:22
Hanny Allston: 18:28

Ian Lawford: 19:05
Brodie Nankervis: 19:27
Bryan Keely: 19:28

If you're back home, this is really early Saturday morning (add 9 hours to convert to Australian Eastern Standard time)
The qualifier also allows us to introduce three of our runners on debut, which are Brodie, Ian and Krystal. The three runners certainly seem a lot calmer than I remember being at my first WOC!

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  1. I've just arrived in Inverness after walking 130 kms from Fort William and I plan to be there to support our runners this evening, good luck Aussies.