Saturday, July 18, 2009

Silver Medal for Hanny in the Sprint

Wow what a day! Hanny showed she is well and truly back to her best with a 2nd place in the Sprint Distance at the 2009 Kaohsiung World Games. There was nothing to unexpected about the day- it was hot, and humid, as we have come to expect. It clouded over not long after the women's start which cooled things done a little, and some ominous storm clouds threatened but never delivered. On the other hand, the Aussies DID deliver!

Hanny had a pretty early start, and held her lead for most of the time until current Middle Distance and Relay World Champ Minna Kauppi posted a time of 14.17- 22.3 secs faster than Hanny.

Kathryn finished 15th- 1.34mins behind Hanny and not far of a top 10 results. This was equal to her best WOC result- in last years Long distance race. She missed time on a few controls but was reasonably happy with her result

Simon put together a great race and was really happy with his 17th place. He was only 10secs away from kiwi Ross Morrison in 10th place which shows how close he is to cracking it big time.

Julian was 22nd and a bit disappointed. He missed a few best route choices and tired a bit towards the end. But he has had a great preparation and hopefully he'll be rewarded with better results in the middle and relay.


  1. Congratulations Hanny and team!!!! We are having a great time watching all the action from over here. Go get em in the relay tomorrow
    From Shannon, Grant, Jose, Phoebe and Fel
    YAAAHHHHH go aussies!!!

  2. Fantastic all you Aussies . Go Go Go for tomorrow
    Cant wait to watch tomorrow. You are all just warming up
    From Julia Hutchinson