Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Training in Hong Kong

Hanny Allston and myself Julian Dent were the first team members to arrive in Hong Kong to start acclimatising the the 30+ heat along with the 70% humidity.

We had some great assistance from the local Hong Kong orienteering association to organize some quality sprint training.
First though it was off up the "Peak", sitting 552m, above the city of Hong Kong (and our accommodation).
Rumour on the run that Hanny 'broke' Julian on the way up, was purely speculation, with no hard evidence to back it up. But the run certainly got the body into gear in the dripping conditions, and we certainly got some funny looks from the tourists up the top!

Hanny recovering from her first run up the Peak.

It was then off too training with the Hong Kong senior and junior squad. With a world Champion in their midst, they were all excited to get some tips.

Hanny in Action at Yuen Long Park

Julian in action at Yuen Long Park

After training Hanny and Julian then did a short presentation for the Hong Kong orienteers, on Sprint orienteering techniques and training for orienteering. They seemed to enjoy the insights into training from an Australian perspective and were keen to get some tips!

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