Thursday, August 5, 2010

How to... 11 to 10 (sorry for any confusion, but I ran this part of the course backwards in training).

from the control run north of the red line through the marshes (open area in the left part of the photo)

stay in the marsh and run through the saddle to the north of the white hill in the middle of the leg (straight ahead in the photo).

run across the marsh to the hill with the control on it (forest in the background), past the small lakes in the marsh.

the small lakes in the marsh are quite obvious features.

from the top of the hill, run down to the mound with the control. can you see it in the picture? running through the heather and blueberries in the forest is even tougher than the marshes!

the control site (a mound)- we were looking for small white tags on the ground.

and yes, you get wet feet!

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