Wednesday, August 4, 2010


The jet-lagged members of the team rose earlier than those already acclimatised to day and night and we all had a great breakfast at the youth hostel in Tronders.

Afterwards, a full carload headed up to Iladalen for some technical training.


Anna, Vanessa, Kathryn, Robbie and Dave all ripped up the moss and are happy with their progress in this tough terrain.


Anna enjoyed checking out the differences in the moss, bogs, marshes, grasses...


The two other car loads went to Saupstad - a suburb of southern Trondheim which was a mix of residential and forested parts. The finish was at the local biathlon stadium and the locals were fanging around the bitumen paths then firing at the range. We kept clear of that and did a course instead. The stinging nettles in the beginning were a bit disconcerting but luckily it was just a bad patch!

When we were warming up the sun even came out!



We abided by the rules of the centre

After lunch and a rest we headed off to a local orienteering event about 30mins drive away. The girls opted for a 4.7km course while the boys did a 6km one. There were plenty of hanging marshes to use for running and it was a good hit out with emit too. The results are below with photos to come shortly.


The drive there took us past a big lake called Jonsvatnet and some of the girls stopped for a swim.
Tuesday 001

Oh and by the way, Anna spotted this sign as she was driving from the airport in Trondheim...

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