Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Touchdown in Trondheim

The Aussie team has assembled here in Trondheim, Norway for the World Orienteering Championships (WOC). The racing starts this Sunday with the Sprint Qualification and Final around the streets of Norway's 3rd largest city.

The view from our accommodation.

The team is acclimatising well to the Norwegian summer and getting used to the local terrain, with plenty of relevant training mixed with plenty of recovery. With most of the team arriving here at the Trondheim youth hostel over the past two days, we have all had slightly different preparations.

Simon Uppill arrived via the World University Championships in Borlange, Sweden. He placed 23rd in the long distance race which shows some great form coming into WOC where he will be running the middle, sprint and relay races.

Vanessa Round arrived via Sweden and Switzerland where she showed great form at the World University Championships in Borlange, Sweden. She placed 18th in the long race, and she will be racing the middle and relay here in Trondheim.

Jasmine Neve arrived in Trondheim via China, Sweden, Scotland and Oslo, Norway. While having a eventful journey through China, she enjoyed some quality training and preparation with Aussie expats Jim-Oystein Nybr├ąten and Cassie Trewin in Oslo. Jasmine will be running the sprint and middle competitions at WOC.

Anna Sheldon arrived via Orebro, Sweden. Running the famous O-Ringen competitions, which was a great introduction back into Scandinavian terrain. Anna is running the long distance competition at WOC.

Dave and Anna enjoying breakfast.

Shannon Jones arrived direct from home in Canberra, Australia. Where she has been finalising her preparation with some Cross Country racing and a 5km PB. Shannon is running the sprint and long distance in Trondheim.

Shannon and Kathryn recovering after their training run.

Kathryn Ewels arrived from Melbourne, Australia after rounding off her preparation with some fast cross country racing, placing first in the Victorian 15km Championships in 54.12. Kathryn is racing the long and relay here at WOC.

Rob Preston has arrived via Sweden. Reacquainting himself with Scandinavian terrain after a 7 year break. Rob competed strongly at O-Ringen, already feeling at home in terrain which will suit his strengths. Rob is racing the long distance at WOC.

Rob settling into his room.

David Shepherd arrived yesterday direct from Canberra, Australia. David is looking forward to a return to racing in his favourite terrain here in Scandinavia and his preparation has been on track showing good form in local races in Australia. David is racing the middle, long and relay here in Trondheim.

I ( Julian) arrived direct from home in Canberra, Australia. Hungry to get back into the forest and competition here at WOC. I'll be running the sprint, middle and relay.

Grace Crane will be arriving here in Trondheim on Thursday from her base in the UK, after finalising her preparation with a training camp and competitions here in July. She showed good form in terrain which will suit her strengths. Grace is running the sprint, middle and relay at WOC.

Coaches Wendy Read and Rob Lewis have arrived direct from Australia, and have everything ready to go this week to ensure our preparations are on track.
Team physiotherapist, Victoria, will arrive from London on Thursday to ensure everyone is primed for the first races on Sunday.

Everyone is settling in to the comfortable surrounds of our base at the youth hostel, with Jasmine and Vanessa laying down the gauntlet, baking great Kanelbulle. What will be next?
With plenty of training options around for all, this afternoon most team members will be having a solid hit out at a local club race on relevant terrain for the qualification races.

Stay tuned to the blog for maps, pics, videos and the latest news from the Aussie team here at WOC 2010 in Trondheim!


  1. thanks for the updates, Julian. great to be able to keep track. best wishes & good running to all. Kathy L.