Sunday, June 25, 2017

Estonian culture

Hello again!
As it was St John's day in Estonia today we are going to introduce you to some of the quirky culture of Estonia.
On the 22nd of June Estonian people celebrate St John's eve which is like their midsummer celebration. Estonians light bonfires and drink till the wee hours of the morning. During these celebrations it is customary for people to jump the bonfires and make a wish. I would guess that most people would just wish to make it to the other side.
On this night people also head out into the forest to look for the elusive fern blossom which is suppose to bring good luck and fertility to those who find it. According to google no ferns flower, so that's probably why the Estonian population growth is slow.

Athlete profile!

Name: Brodie Nankervis

DJ name: Brodizzle
Age: 22
Number of wocs: 2
Disciplines: sprint qual and sprint final
State of origin: Tasweigen 
Coffee or tea?: tea
Favourite orienteering map: Tinpot creek 
What do you do in your non-orienteering life?: eat breakfast at traffic lights and prods other people with his extremities 
Favourite quote: “but they were big beers”- MCK
Two truths, one lie: I don't like orienteering, I once pooed in the shower and I am a Physio.

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