Friday, June 23, 2017

Henry and o bags?

Hello again!
Today we have a quiz for you. Can you correctly name the o-bag to the person in the house.
Your options are Simon, Bridget, Henry, Belinda, Krystal and Jim.
Write your answer in the comments.

Athlete profile: Henry!

Name: Henry McNulty
Nick name: Fenry
Age: 20
Number of wocs: 2
Disciplines: sprint, sprint relay
State of origin: Western Australia 
Coffee or tea: Coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon
Favourite orienteering map: Hill Park Dale
What do you do in your non-orienteering life?: I think about numbers
Favourite quote: you'll have to speak up I'm wearing a towel

Why do you like orienteering?: I was forced into it and now it's too late to get out


  1. 1 Simon, 2 Jim, 3 Belinda, 4 Krystal, 5 Bridget, 6 Henry

  2. I don't know the team at all (except for Jim) so I'm going to take a punt that number 7 (the bag made up of air) belongs to one of the guys - let's say Simon. Bridgit owns the Bananagrams one (because it sounds good), 5 belongs to Krystal, the one that looks like a lolly packet belongs to Henry, the blue sack belongs to Jim, which leaves the SOW ones are Belinda's and.. hang on there are 7 bags and only 6 options? Ok the 2nd SOW was found in the house - like a bible. BTW who is saving the old clue descriptions - they don't help one the race is run you know..

    1. The person who keeps the old control descriptions is being environmentally friendly by not throwing the old ones on the ground prior to racing again

  3. 1 Jim 2 Krystal 3 Belinda 4 Henry 5 Bridget 6 Simon 7 Brodie?