Thursday, June 22, 2017

Training Camp - Day 1

Into the forest

So we've been checking out what low visibility means by Estonian standards... it looks a bit like this...

Estonian forest

The area was on a map called Paidapalun, south of where the Middle Distance competition will be held. The forest was really nice underfoot - but really low visibility!!    Fun running.



Introducing  Belinda, one of our two Boomerangs debutants ...

Belinda Lawford

Name: Belinda Lawford
Nick name: Bun
Age: 26
Number of WOCs?: 1
Disciplines in 2017: sprint and middle
State of origin: ACT
Coffee or tea?: tea
Favourite orienteering map: Cascades and Pittwater
What do you do in your non-orienteering life?: PhD, that's pretty much all I do.
Favourite quote: It's a moo point, it's like a cows opinion, it's moo.
Why do you like orienteering?: cause it's different every time.

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