Wednesday, June 21, 2017

We are in Estonia!

Hello everyone! The Aussies have arrived in Estonia. We are currently on our training camp in a small BnB farm called Hallivarku which we just learnt means Grey Hill. We have seen no grey or hills yet.

Cosy Training Camp Accommodation

The impressive shoe rack!
Here are some photos of our accommodation and our wonderful shoe rack which will ever increase once Brodie arrives.
All is well here and we will try to keep you updated on our training. We are heading out to a map near the middle this afternoon. 

We hope you enjoy following us on the team blog..sorry the full blog site is not up to date, but we'll  work on that when we are not out training, or eating or tidying the shoe rack!

Each day we'll introduce one or two of our Aussie WOC Team members to you, as they answer a few quirky questions.
Firstly, Boomerangs regular...Simon Uppill.

Simon Uppill
Name: Simon Uppill
Nick name: Bun
Age: 29
Number of WOCs?: 9
Disciplines in 2017: sprint, sprint relay, middle
State of origin: Queensland
Coffee or tea?: neither
Favourite orienteering map: I don't know, lots of maps?
What do you do in your non-orienteering life?: works, cats and games.
Favourite quote: Rachel’s not here, so I'm right.
Why do you like orienteering?: I go places.


  1. Great to see the blog and to know that you are there and getting your heads into the terrain.
    Looking forward to seeing all the action and reading the update blog entries. Erica

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