Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Day in the Life of an Aussie Training Camp

While Toph and I are chilling in our beautiful hotel in the mountains, we thought we'd share with you a typical day of an orienteering training camp. It's days like these that make me want to quit my job, but I don't think my funds would last very long...

First thing in the morning is breakfast, accompanied by a great view of the mountains.

Morning View
Then it's training time! we made our way out to Platabek, an intense map near the town of Asiago. The terrain around here is rocky and usually quite steep, with sections of limestone making awesome karstic formations.

After training we met up with Rachel and Wendy, and a contingent of the New Zealand team, all of whom had been doing their respective trainings in the area. Some lunch in the town square was in order.

Yummy!! And people were preoccupied by Grahams Venice Sprint Video

With training and eating done it's back to the hotel for a siesta! When in Rome right? Later in the afternoon we donned our uniforms for the more official business of team photos and the annual team competitions. This is a multidisciplined, highly competitive set of games that continue through our time together. The first event? Cherry seed spitting! Yours truly suspects Tom and Wendy thought up this game on the spot...

Vanessa cherry pip spitting technic.

The team posing for a timer photo - minus our phyiso Elin.

Dinner is provided by the hotel (and is delicious!) where the accompanying view is as usual spectacular.

Evening view.

Tomorrow the team head to our accommodation in Jesolo near Venice for the Individual sprint race on Saturday. More info available on our Facebook page , and Live results and GPS tracking should become available on the official WOC website

Sweet lookout!!
"New" official team transport.


  1. Looks awesome, thanks for the top blog. Good luck Team!! Kez

  2. Great photos and blog, enjoy yourselves. GOOD LUCK GO AUSSIES!!!

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