Saturday, July 5, 2014

The day is here

Well I would have given you a little bit more of a race preview yesterday if the internet at our hotel was able to handle the amount people that were trying to use the internet... I think the Russians, Lithuanians, Irish, Americans, French, Czech and Hong Kong were all hogging it cause no Australian were able to get on it. 

Simon and Lachy getting checked off by Wendy in preparation to leave.

So now instead of getting a good race preview I will give you a basic run down and then point you to some places where you can find more information.

So the day has started.. the girls left 30mins the boys have just left.  They are on the way to the ferry which will take them to Burano Island for the Sprint qualifier.  (Bridget there is no gps tracking for qual)

Burano will look something like this.. 

People that qualify for the final will then have an hour and half of freedom before going back into quarantine.  They will then be moved over to Venice.   Meanwhile spectators and the rest of us have to negotiate the ferries to get to Venice in time for the final.  

After the final the flower ceremony happens and then were finally get back here to the hotel probably around 12 hours after we left!  So it will be a bit of a long day!

So where can you find real information??? 
WOC website -
Next best source I would say would be World of O -
Nick Dents write up on OA page.  -
Lizzie Inghams blog preview -
And attackpoint usually has some discussions even if they are based around Americans -

Anyway I need to leave for a ferry... enjoy watching.

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