Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Alpe Adria

The weekend that has just passed saw all of the WOC team head to Cansiglio for a 3 day event, Alpe Adria.  The weekend provided some interesting competitions in tough terrain, which was quite ideal preparation for next week.  With the events being so close to WOC many people opted to not run some races or to take some sections easier.  That being said there was still some pretty good results being put on the board during the races, especially in the relay, but before we get onto the boring statistics of the event have a look at the view from the place we stayed at!!

Not bad choice of place Vanessa.
The Long race provided some good times out in the forest, by good times I mean long km rates - Simon did about 9 min/km.  The forest also provided lots of interesting navigation but also lots of tracking due to a storm that came though about half way though the day. The best results of the day were from Hanny (5th) and Simon (7th).

Jas taking off in the mass start.

The relay was a chance for Australia test out some possible running orders for the WOC relay. This was a pretty good outing with both the Girls and Guys slowly pulling away throughout the race to win the goodies.. in true Italian style that would be pasta, wine and cheese.

Jules at the Relay spectator control

The evening saw a sprint race take place at Conegliano.  In true Italian style the start times were late with many of us starting after 8pm.  This still didn't stop some people making their way onto the podium to collect more Italian goodies. These were presented at the Gala that evening after the event where everyone was provided with a feast of pasta, strawberry risotto, wine and cheese.

I think they are happy!!

Sunday brought another tough race in the middle race.  Slow km rates, super detailed sections of the map and more stinging nettles just to make it as interesting as possible.   Even so there was some more good results with more people on the podium.  So after the weekend the Italian goodies count is around 4kg of cheese, lots of pasta, somewhere around 10 litres plus of wine and a random 2 litre beer, not to mention the random books and other things in the bags.  Some would say it was a successful weekend but I will let you decide that for yourself.  Full results can be found here

A selection of the M21 Middle map.. 13 confused a heck of a lot of us..

Anyway now the weekend is over we are currently at our pre-camp accommodation in Luserna,  which once again has a ripper view out the front door!!

Look at that!  Don't think I can complain.