Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pre WOC Training

Well we are now just 3 days before WOC 2014 starts,  so you might be wondering how the preparation is going?  Well this week not much is happening.  The whole aim of this week is to relax as much as possible while doing a little bit of fine tuning.  This relaxation has only been possible to due to the previous training weeks and races that the team has been involved in. 

A few weeks ago Jules, Lachie and Vanessa participated in the 3 Days of Trenches races.  This gave them some great experience in the terrain.  It also gave them some great competition as a many of the top runners were in Italy for the official training camp and the races.  These races were also used as selection trials for their respective countries.  Feel free to check the results and GPS tracking on the website.

So what have the rest of us been doing?  Well the answer is lots of different things, but most of us were in Italy sometime last week or the week before.  With many of us meeting up with each other (or some kiwi's) at various times in different places.  One of these places was Venice, the place where the sprint final will take place on Saturday afternoon.  The training there was fun, real fun.  The rain we had one day made things even more interesting to say the least.  I could tell you more but rather than do that I suggest you watch this video that was put together by Graham Hammond (Hanny's partner). 

Maps of these training and others will slowly appear on my DOMA page when I get around to it. 

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