Friday, July 11, 2014

The Middle.

Well the week is coming to a close shortly, but before the week finishes we still have 2 more exciting races to go, and in my humble biased opinion the 2 best one's 2 run (really just the 2 that if I was running I would do best in cause I can't sprint!).  So enough blabbering by me lets get down to business.

Today would be the middle.  The distance that is know for it's technical difficulty.  From our run around the middle model maps it should deliver that in some varied terrain.  The terrain has some intense areas of detailed rock in lower visibility forest on one side of the hill but on the other it is relatively clean running with not quite as much detail.  Really it is on big sucker of a hill that will provide a mix bag of terrain as it has some alpine meadows on the top too.

Anyway now onto what you need to know.   Our runners are now Jas, Hanny and Julian.  Yes you might spot a change there.  Vanessa has chosen not to run due to feeling a bit under the weather the last 3 or so days.  So now for start times:  Jas 12:35:30 (only 8:35:30 back home),  Hanny 1:19  and Jules is off at 3:07.

Don't forget to check out the livecenter 

And apologies if facebook doesn't get updated... I'm not sure how much reception/internet I will have out there.

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