Friday, August 21, 2009

kAtHrYn 5Th iN sPrInT fInAl!!!!!

Kathryn had a blinder to make the podium in today's sprint final - what a LEGEND!!!!!!!
Kathryn came 5th :-)

The results board!

Kathryn in 5th and a Finnish girl in 6th

The top 6 - 2 swedes, a swiss, a dane, a finn and an AUSSIE!!!!!

Kathryn and our physio extraordinaire Victoria

A proud coach with the star

Media were jostling to talk to Kathryn after her race

Kathryn gets a hug from renowned OA reporter Wendy Read

Kathryn starts hydrating for the relay

The aussie contingent are eager to hear about Kathryn's race

Kylie, Victoria and Hanny are part of the cheer squad

Kylie and Jas spot Kathryn on the huge screen!!


  1. yaaahhh!!! i watched it all last night at 2:30 in the morning!!. it was very very exciting! Well done Kathryn. Awesome work. We aussies are super proud of you.


  2. Kathryn - Simon stayed up and watched too and left me a note about your fantastic results. Well done......
    Robin Uppill

  3. We were watching proud. You deserve it! Wish we were there.
    Good luck for the next 2 races.

  4. WOO HOO!!!! Thats fantastic Kathryn!! super impressive race!

    Can't wait to watch the relay! Go Aussie girls!


  5. Great work, Kathryn. We;re all very proud.
    And well done the rest of you - what a great week so far. Looking forward to the Relay and Long Final.

    Kathy L

  6. Fantastic Kathryn. It was certainly worthwhile getting up at 2am to watch! What an awesome second half of the race.

  7. what a ripper! good on ya ewelsy!

  8. In fact Kathryn's finish was even better than I thought. From controls 11-F (her last 5 minutes), Kathryn was 26 seconds faster than the winner! Her splits were awesome, possibly some of the best series of legs ever seen by an Australian at WOC level.
    Splits with leg placing in brackets.
    1.02 (1) 0.17 (2) 0.28 (1) 1.04 (1) 0.22 (2) 0.31 (3) 0.44 (2) 0.33 (3)

    I'm looking forward to watching the relay.

  9. Shit hot. Awesome run Kathryn, a well deserved result after all of the hard training you put in!

  10. Champion effort Ewelsy, top stuff!


  11. Well done Kathryn!! What a legend! Goodluck to you all in the relay.

  12. Another great performance from the land down under-I chear for Oz, my native Norway, and everyone that beats the swedes at todays relay here i Miskolc(pronouned Mis-koltz)

  13. Ewelsy is a legend! What a historic moment and so proud I could be on the finish line to watch her run. Keep chearing for us from back in Aus, it makes a world of difference for us here!

  14. Awesome Kathryn!!!! You are such a champ, and definately deserve such a great result, amazing second half as Bruce said...wooohoo :) Good luck to u all in the relay today, we are so excited for you. Keep having fun and smashing it!

  15. WOW, what an awesome result Kathryn!!! you legend! Very excited for you and the team....and looking forward to the relay. Good luck again!! Allison.

  16. Great work Kathryn - totally awesome run and result. Congratulations!!

  17. Congratulations Kathryn well deserved result from all the work you have put in!