Friday, August 14, 2009

Last night in Lillafured

On Thursday morning Rob, Lance, Hanny, Grace, Kathryn and Jasmine headed out for some middle distance training. Wendy and Shannon stayed home with their colds. On Thursday arvo the Reads + Kathryn + Shannon checked out to a sprint training area.

Last night we got to try some traditional Hungarian dessert - chestnut pudding. The boys wanted a big serving, and they got it!

On Friday the team is moving from Lillafured to the official WOC accommodation at the University of Miskolc.

Wendy in some sprint forest

The view from Shannon and Jasmine's room

Jasmine in the town of Miskolc (pronounced Mish-koltz)

Some forest somewhere


  1. ah! looks like you are all going well and getting into the forest! hope the last few days of preparations go well :-) all the best, allison

  2. Hey you going with that Hungarian cuisine? Not sure if they do vego goulash? Train hard...give em heaps!


    PS, learnt any Hungarian swear words yet?

  3. We did get some vege goulash... I didn't like it! We have also had deep fried cheese a couple of times!! I have been trying to stay away from the chocolate aisles... it's very cheap :-)