Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rest Day

There were no WOC events today - tomorrow is the last one and it's the LONG FINAL. We have Hanny and Kathryn running. They are already tucked up in bed for a good night's sleep.

Last night we had dinner with the Aussie supporters in a traditional hungarian restaurant. Today some people went running and swimming in Lillafured, then there was a shopping trip, ice cream at the castle and much much more.

Hmmmm, no thanks!

The happily married couple at the head of the table - Victoria and Jasmine. Kylie is the bridesmaid.

Aussie supporters and team mates

Swimming in Lillafured - yes, the water really is that green

No other tourists thought swimming was a good idea...

Lack of a harness and climbing shoes did not deter Jas from the rocks.

Ice cream at the castle

Jasmine and Nagy

Victoria and Kathryn

Victoria and Hanny - last race tomorrow girls!!


  1. Hello to Shannon. Thanks for the update. I hope the restaurant was as good as the Bagolyvar. I'm looking forward to hearing all about your trip when you get. Noreen

  2. Enjoy the long final, Kathryn and Hanny. I hope you have great runs.


  3. Good luck to Hanny and Kathryn in the long final! Love the blog and Wendy's excellent reports on the OA website. Good work girls!

  4. Very best wishes for you both in the final. I have been enjoying the blog and very prompt website updates. Armchair orienteering has never been so good.

  5. "Are you following the girls this week?" "Are you going to watch the girls later on?" "Haven't they done so well! ...some really fast legs..."
    That's what people were saying at the Sparrow Hill event in ACT today. Lots of us are following the competition and enjoying all your successes. Well done all! And have a ripper Looooooooong final Hanny and Kathryn.

  6. Go girls! Wishing Han and Kath a great run today, and also thanks to the team for the great BLOG and all your pics. Its been very fun following you all week. Allison

  7. Good luck to the girls.
    Shannon, I grew up with Hungarian food. We had all sorts of strange things in the fridge, but best of all was hungarian goulash and chicken paprika, YUM. Take care. Sara