Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Monday - Long Qualification

Today was the long qualification. Hanny and Kathryn had solid runs and qualified in 5th position in their respective heats. Grace had a good run but unfortunately lost a couple of minutes towards the end. We had dinner together at a pizzeria (we cook ourselves usually) and some yummy ice cream for dessert. Tomorrow is a rest day, though we do have the official opening ceremony to look forward to.

Kathryn and Victoria went to Miskolc Tapolca - some thermal "cave baths"

Some of the team checked out the "Biker Pub"

These guys weren't afraid of the green water

Jasmine wants a career where she can use a headset (ok, so she wants to be Troy)

Uh oh - what is the red card on the windscreen?

Oops - shouldn't have parked here

Our first night out for dinner... our team took up one table. Then the Finns arrived and took up about 5 tables :-)

Ice cream for dessert


  1. Hey Aussie Girls! Nice work in the qual races. its been pretty exciting listening to the commentary (...so far the online results keep freezing up).
    Really enjoying your woc blog - best one yet!

    And best of luck Grace and Han for the middle final!


  2. Hi girls! Love the blog and all the photos. Congrats on your races so far - looks like some super scary legs across green hillsides!

    Good running for the rest of the week, I look forward to watching online (and reading the blog updates),


  3. Hi Girls!

    Congratulations on your runs! Good luck for the rest of the week!


  4. Hi girls,

    We've been glued to our laptop monitor the past 2 days.It's been very exciting. We have to rely on the commentary as the results pages don't seem to work properly. Great results so far and no doubt more to come. Enjoy the rest of the week, do what you do best and have fun.


  5. YAH! you girls are doing awesome and i love the blog.

    Keep it up, australia is all behind you


  6. Gidday girls, Great results. All the best for all of the finals and the relay.
    good newsy blog and the photos make the place look very civilised!!
    Bill J

  7. mmm, pizza and ice cream! nice work girls, and love the blog. looking forward to the next race for all the excitment!!


  8. Good work Team! I'm enjoying the blog and it's cool to see you running well - best of luck with the rest of your runs.


  9. Great stuff girls! Good luck for the rest of the week!