Saturday, August 15, 2009


This morning Rob, Victoria, Grace and Jasmine headed out to the model for the middle qualification. Kathryn, Hanny and Shannon stayed behind and went for their own runs before relaxing in the sun. We bought some lunch stuff from Lidl (about a 5 min walk) and plan to relax this arvo!

Walking across the road to Lidl

This is where we are staying

People in Hungary must be called Grant too

Enjoying the morning

Jasmine loves the local chocolate covered cheese cake things...

Hanny found a cool car

No, we didn't really buy the goldfield packets!!

They like to sell beer here

Wondering what to buy...


  1. Hello Miss Jones!!!

    Hope you are having a nice time in Hungary. The kids are all missing you! Good luck for thursday. We will all be thnking of you.


  2. Great Blog Shannon. Looks like its all going well over there. Good luck to everyone for all the races!

  3. Yeah Jas i love them Turo Rudis too! delish.

  4. Glad you're enjoying the blog!! I hope all is good at the Miles :-)

  5. Hey Shannon, love the blog and Charlotte is excited to see some photos of you. Looks amazing, can't wait to hear about everything. Stay safe.