Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tuesday - rest day and opening ceremony

Today was a pretty chilled out day. Some people went out to a sprint training map, Jasmine went to the Hungaria Cup and there was even a trip or two to Tesco. At 5pm everyone assembled outside for the Opening Ceremony. We are sending our best thoughts to Hanny and Grace for the middle final tomorrow!!!

From the long qualification

So hot right now

We are the lead out team for the parade!!

This is us

Wendy and Lance came over for a cup of tea and Lance showed us his strawberry bag :-)


Huge team ;-)

Getting ready...


Christmas happens in August here

Hanny did us proud by giving the Athlete's oath

Some of the other teams


  1. good luck ladies in the middle today. will be exciting to watch

  2. Good luck to all of you! Aussie girls make us proud. Thanks heaps for the blog and photos. Glad to see food features so prominently :)


  3. Good Luck and run fast and sure!