Sunday, July 7, 2013

Long Qualification is on!

Today it is time for the Long Qualification. Conditions are fine, warm and sunny with not a cloud in sight. Perfect long conditions.  Susanne, Aislinn, Lachlan and Hanny were all in good shape heading out the the quarantine this morning.

Tom 'I'm the boss' Quayle has things in order with the OFFICIAL team car! 

Awaiting them is fast and open forest as you can see with the old map below.

You can see the results of the prettying up session yesterday with the team photos done here in Vuokatti. 

'I reckon here, let's just get it done' - Bryan
C'mon team 
'How do we have the collars again'
'Finally got it...'
'Ah yeah the Coaches too...'
'It was a bit hot...'
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