Sunday, July 7, 2013

The coming week...

It is about to begin!

The Aussies have been resting up and fine tuning their skills for the coming week. It all begins with the Long Qualification tomorrow morning. The terrain is best described as super fast, super open with contour detail. The biggest challenge will be keeping the speed under control and finding that Long Distance rhythm.

Susanne making final preparations for the Long Qual
In action Sunday (with start times) the Aussies have Susanne Casanova 16.40 AEST, Aislinn Prendergast 17.04 AEST,  Hanny Allston 17.37 AEST,  and Lachlan Dow 17.03AEST.

Lachlan 'tuning the pins' for the Long Qual
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Today the expectation has been building in the event center here at Vuokatti Sports Institute with an Olympic Village feel. Almost all teams are eating and sleeping in close proximity combined with 6000 competitors arriving for the spectator races it should be a cracker week for all.

Part of the Aussie team spent the morning checking out the Sprint model events in the pouring rain. With the organizers wisely choosing not to mark hedges as impassable the biggest challenge for many teams was working out their hedge jumping techniques.

Sprint Qualification model map with the entertaining hedges

The Sprint final will be a typical urban affair but with the added uncertainty of the possible construction of fences 'somewhere' in the terrain by the organizers. Just to add that little bit of complexity. Certainly taking Sprint orienteering to that next level!

To spice things up Bryan Keely was testing out his sliding technique in the wet conditions and ended up with a nasty gash in his knee. After some fast action by Team Physio Elin and Swedish Team doctor Mia Jodal, Bryan was quickly cleaned and stitched up with seven stitches all the while providing some afternoon entertainment for the queezy Swedes. I'm happy to report though that Bryan will be ready to race and it will not effect his plans for the week.

Bryan receiving his stitches from Swedish Team doctor Mia Jodal!

This afternoon was spent prettying up for team photographs and Aislinn, Susanne, Hanny and Lachlan were resting up and preparing for their Long Qualification race tomorrow morning. Cheer them on tomorrow!

Hanny is 'pretty relaxed' about her return to international competition Sunday!

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  1. Best of luck for everyone this week - there will be some late nights for those of us at home but I'm sure that you'll give us something worth watching.