Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Relay....the end of now.

WOC 2013 came to an end today with the Relay.

However it wouldn't be fair if we didn't mention  out great runs from yesterday from Simon and Hanny both in 33rd position in the middle final! Vanessa came 43rd and Jasmine 44th as well! Well done guys! (Bit slack last night with the blog)

Onto the relay. A photo diary..... cause the banquet starts now!

The men's start

Simon was on fire finishing first leg in 11th place only 54 seconds down. He is so calm and collected and just does it all with his token mmmeh!

Simon was so good in fact the doping control was onto him! 

Julian spent the Relay commentating for the Universal Sports live coverage in the USA. 

I want to see your peeeeee!!!
Simon was under close watch for the next few hours watching Josh and Bryan in action! He is so cool and calm he couldn't pee for 2 hours!

Josh, called up for the relay two days ago due to Lachy's ankle injury made a solid race and came back in 20th place!

Elin gives Josh's WOC debut the thumbs up! 

Russia stormed through the last leg to take gold! 

BJ was flying his kopters providing some great shots of the arena! 

Ukraine take the cake for most excited team taking the bronze medal in the men! We were stoked for them too! 

Breezer had a great last leg to maintain 20th and even nearly caught (the elbow) of Belarus! 

Solid effort for 20th place for the boys and 2 places better than last year! It gives the guys a chance of getting 2 spots in the middle and long for next year's WOC. We need to be in the top 22 nations based on a complicated points system and the relay was worth double points! Now we wait for an O geek to work it out! 

Bryan is famous in Finland!

Women start out of the arena!

Vanessa had a great first leg to finish 10th!

Aislinn was clean apart from one mistake and sent Hanny out in 16th!

Hanny 'felt the best she had all week' and finished strongly to bring the team up to 13th place!

Awesome work girls! 13th!

Our number one fan!

So that brings us to the end of the week and what fun it has been, now for some reviews from the coaches! 

Thanks for your support all week.We are off to relax with our non-alcoholic beverages!

Single ladies.......ahh only one!

Catch yah next year!

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