Friday, July 12, 2013

The tipping competition...

In honor of the the new Orienteering Australia match-fixing policy which specifically bans all betting by Boomerang team members on orienteering we thought we would change the boundaries and invite some of you to a have a punt instead.
Not on the competition, cause with odds mentioned as low as 1-1 for the Men's race today it isn't worth a penny.
So what is worth a punt, a tip, a bet? Well who is rooming together in the Boomerang team that's what.

Check out the pictures below and write a comment on the blog with the names of the team members for each room 1 - 8. Remember some team members are staying alone, some in pairs. You have to work it out. To help we have listed all the team members on the right hand side of the blog.

The prize you ask? A signed Australian racing shirt from Trimtex (XS or M). Sent anywhere in the world to the lucky winner. 

The prize....(yet to be signed)

So we'll find out..
1. If anyone reads the blog???
2. If people do read the blog but just don't leave comments anymore cause it ain't 2007...#getwiththetimeseveryone'sonInstagramthesedays...

The team in the rooms
  • Hanny Allston
  • Felicity Brown
  • Susanne Casanova
  • Jasmine Neve
  • Aislinn Prendergast
  • Vanessa Round
  • Lachlan Dow
  • Bryan Keely
  • Simon Uppill
  • Julian Dent 
  • Tom Quayle - Coach
  • Wendy Read - Coach
  • Elin Vedin - Physiotherapist
The rooms
Room 1

Room 2

Room 3

Room 4

Room 5 (ignore the leg it's the photographer's)

Room 6

Room 7

Room 8

Good luck!


  1. you could have published a list about the runners names in that post :D now I have to find out who is running for the Aussies this year first... :P

  2. In there now to help you Torben ;-)

  3. I only know one member of the team: we worked together, went to uni together and have the same birthday, but we don't have much in common. I'm hoping just by playing I will win the prize (if I do win you will have to spring for XL because I am a normal person (ie not an orienteer (do orienteers have robust senses of humour?))):

    1: Jules and Felicity
    2: Aislinn
    3: Jasmine
    4: Simon
    5: Hanny
    6: Vanessa
    7: Bryan
    8: Susanne & Lachlan (I assume Susanne is one of the couples because she is suck a Casanova)

  4. Room 1 : Julian
    Room 2 : Hanny & Aislinn
    Room 3 : Tom & Wendy
    Room 4 : Elin
    Room 5 : Lachlan & Brian
    Room 6 : Simon
    Room 7 : Susanne & Jasmine
    Room 8 : Vanessa & Felicity

    Perfect. Thanks for the price :P

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  6. Room 1: Tom
    Room 2: Hanny & Felicity
    Room 3: Jasmine & Vanessa
    Room 4: Susanna & Aislinn
    Room 5: Lachlan & Bryan
    Room 6: Simon & Julian
    Room 7: Elin
    Room 8: Wendy

    Good luck, team! I'm enjoying the blog from Brisbane.

  7. It's so stressful to try to work it out! The rooms are all quite messy too ;-)
    1. Fel and Jules
    2. Susanne and Hanny
    3. Jas and Vanessa
    4. Tom
    5. Bryan and Lachlan
    6. Simon
    7. Wendy and Elin
    8. Aislinn

  8. 1 Fel & Jules
    2 Sus & Hanny
    3 V & Jas
    4 Simon
    5 Lachy & Bryan
    6 Elin & Wendy
    7 Tom Quayle
    8 Aislinn

  9. 1 Bashful
    2 Doc
    3 Dopey
    4 Grumpy
    5 Happy
    6 Sleepy
    7 Sneezy
    8 Snow white

  10. 1. Jules Fel
    2.Hanny and Suzanne
    3. Vanessa and Aislinn

  11. 1. Jules and Fel
    2. Hanny and Susanne
    3. Vanessa and Aislinn
    4. Jas
    5. Simon
    6. Elin and Wendy
    7. Tom
    8. Lachy and Bryan

  12. 4. Jas
    6. Elgin and Wendy
    7. Tom
    8. Lachy and Bryan

  13. 1. Julian
    2. Hanny Susanne
    3. Jasmine Vanessa
    4. Tom
    5. Lachlan Brian
    6. Simon
    7. Elin Wendy
    8. Felicity Aislinn

  14. Check Facebook for my entry last night!

  15. That was tricky! I think the answer to your query was that people just don't leave comments anymore.

    Good luck in the relay!!

    1. Julian and Felicity
    2. Hanny and Susanne
    3. Jasmine and Vanessa
    4. Elin
    5. Bryan and Lachlan
    6. Tom
    7. Wendy
    8. Aislinn and Simon

  16. I request second angles of the rooms and then I think I would get it right.

    after some time investigating things this is my answer.. there is a couple that i'm not 100% on but we will see how it goes as I could be completely wrong.

    1. Jules and Fel
    2. Hanny and Sus
    3. Jasmine and Aislinn
    4. Vanessa
    5. Bryan
    6. Simon + Lachie
    7. Tom
    8. Wendy and Elin

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Tricky!

    1. Jules and Fel
    2. Jas and Ness
    3. Wendy and Elin
    4. Hanny
    5. Bryan and Lachy
    6. Aislinn and Sus
    7. Tom
    8. Simon

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